Thursday, November 8, 2007

Einstein Generation

Today I realized my kids are part of the Einstein Generation. Andrew was on the computer playing a Little Einsteins game on the Playhouse Disney website. Isaac meanwhile was watching a Baby Einstein DVD on the TV. Isaac was hearing music from Bach and Vivaldi while Andrew was interacting and 'conducting' music from Beethoven, Mozart, and Grieg.

Andrew has been watching Baby Einstein DVD's from 6 months of age. He started watching Little Einsteins 6 months ago. Guess what he hums while playing.... classical music. I ask him what he's singing... "Little Einsteins" he says. He gets on our piano and announces that he's going to play a sad song. Sure enough he goes to the low notes and plays his 'song' slow and sad. Then he plays a happy song and uses the higher notes and plays them lightly and fast.

How will the kids of the "Einstein Generation" turn out? I don't know but they certainly will be more familiar with classical music. I can't help but be reminded of the animated short, "Jack-Jack Atack" that came with "The Incredibles" DVD. I love the eyes of Jack Jack once the babysitter turns on the classical music. "Ready for some neurological stimulation?"

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Karen said...

I can only say that my kids are the same way. Nina even loves watching "Little Einsteins" with El. But, that is a show that I think is pretty o.k. because of the classical music stuff. El does the same thing with the piano, sad/happy music. I thought she was just musically talented, but I guess this is yet another thing she has learned from T.V.

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