Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Baby Here

Isaac had his 18 month doctor's appointment a few days ago. He is now 28 lbs and 35 inches tall. He is no doubt a big boy. But he is a cute boy.. yes he is!

Anyway he needed some shots including his flu shot. Andrew needed his flu shot too so I brought him in before Isaac got his. He watched Isaac get poked twice and start crying. Then I said, "Come here Andrew." Well he was no dummy, he yelled... "NO, I not a baby!" Poor kid, he thought only babies got shots at the doctor's office. Well he was a good sport and let the nurse poke him. He didn't even cry.


Karen said...

This is my first comment on a blog, ever! First of all, when I started reading I thought you had sent the wrong link....."Who on earth is Siyic?". Cute idea, though. I am glad you started something like this. Luckily when I took the girls in for their shots ( same situation, El just for the flu and Nins for her regular stuff) El remembered when I had my Rhogam (spelling?) shot just a few weeks earlier at my dr. visit. I sure am glad I didn't cry. She did, but not much and now thinks that she is tough like mom and dad (J just got is flu shot at work the other he didn't cry either).

Sarbear said...

Well this my first comment on my own blog ever!

I am ever so glad that you and J did not cry for your shots, yes they can be painful. It would be funny though if one of you did cry. I don't think I've ever seen an adult cry for a shot.

Sarbear said...

Oh and THANK YOU Karen so much for commenting and being my FIRST commentor. Comments aren't a BIG deal to me.. but they are nice cause they show that people read and they care.

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