Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun and Educational Toys

I started writing an email to share some links for some great toys with my sisters and mom, but then I thought, I could post this on my blog. So here I am.

Here are some toys that I found that you might like for your kids. (or grandma can buy for the kids). Melissa and Doug toys are really nice, well made toys. Andrew already has some Melissa and Doug puzzles that he likes. For some reason I like the idea of toys made of wood so here are the links to a website with some of the toys I liked. There are a ton more great toys there and this isn't the only place to buy them.

Standard Unit Blocks
These blocks are just like the ones that KC and his brother's played with as kids, we have a big bag full of them. Andrew loves to line them up to make a road or buildings.

Cutting Food Box
I thought this toy is a great idea. Velcro holds the slices together and they use the "knife" to separate them.

Lace & Trace Pets
This seems like it would be good for times when they need to sit still for a while like in church or on car trips.

Magnetic Responsibility Chart
This isn't a toy, but it seems it would be very useful. I've been trying to think of a way I can make some sort of job chart for Andrew that would have graphical representations of chores since he can't read yet. So this sort of does that for me and better.

Shape, Model, and Mold Play Set
I guess you can get versions of these all over, but I liked the wood thing and how it seems like little toddler's fingers could use them easily.

See & Spell
No not the old electronic game. I really like this because it combines a puzzle feel with letters and pictures. This is one I am seriously considering getting Andrew


Karen said...

Ha, I caught you using one of the kids real names!
I really like the see and spell one and the kitchen toy. I've see the kitchen toy one at a friends house and Ella loves to play with it! I've already got the girls presents this year and we are getting El a bunch of craft things like paint scissors play dough stuff like that. Nins, too. James is building them a computer and that is their big gift. Good luck Christmas shopping this year!

Richard. said...

Wow Karen, you're already giving your children a computer for Christmas? Wow. Times have changed. When I was their age I had dreams of a "Big Box" and a rope for Christmas, now that I think about it, I don't think I even got that rope.

Sarbear said...

Poor poor Richard.

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