Monday, November 12, 2007

Privacy and Blogging

When I first started this blog my husband mentioned that I should be careful about what I post about our family, as in full names, birthdates, location and so on. At first I thought I'd use nicknames for my boys. That felt uncomfortable and slightly unnecessary. All of the names in our family are quite common. Surprisingly to some, our last name is too. For example I googled my first and last name a bit ago and found many pages of references to people with my name and not one referencing me. Anyway I wasn't sure how far to take privacy on the internet.

Today I read this post and it made me think again. The author talks about how pictures of people's children have been used improperly. How careful should I be about my children's names? How worried should I be about having some pictures of them on the internet? I have another website that I don't use a ton, but this one has names and pictures and birthdates and all. It's the main website I use to post pictures. What should I do about that? I don't know.

As for Mom Joy, I'm going to stick with first names. No references to my other website and not too many pictures. I urge other blogging moms and friends of mine to think about this and decide what is best for them.


Karen said...

At the risk of sounding vague, I do have a suggestion about privacy and websites. A friend of mine in the ward has a website for their family and their name is very unusual so if someone did a Google search it would probably be the first thing to come up. Since they didn't want just anyone to come across it, they blocked search engines from posting their site. James says that you have to do some additional programming to your website and said something about a "robot.txt" file but if you are interested he can explain it better. Anyway, I do think that people should be careful about what kinds of information they post on blogs, etc.

Sarbear said...

Yeah, I've tried to do that a bit with my other website although the main page will come up there if you search enough. I'm thinking of redesigning that so you can't get to the family pictures and such from the main page.

Thanks for the comment Karen.

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